Expectations and more expectations

A woman is expected to be everything to everyone.

Name it……

The Boss lady.

The perfect mum.

The loving and caring wife.

The shoulder to cry on friend.

And more.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, because it’s the life a lot of us women live and have done great at it.

It does however become a burden when we see ourselves only through the eyes of others.

When people’s ideology and perception becomes our mirror.

And we continuously allow their words and actions to define us.

It’s a known fact that the media increases this undue pressure on the female gender.

Each passing second, we are thirsty for trends and the life that the media portrays.

It’s a cycle.

From one generation to the other.

Others lived it.

You may be living it.

It is paramount that we should learn to live for ourselves, everyday and in everyway

Be true to your core.

Accept and embrace yourself.

Stick to your values.

Find and do what works for you.

Make mistakes.

Get up.

You cannot be everything, rather YOU CAN BE THE BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Enjoy life.



Ever felt pressured by other peoples thoughts, opinions and expectations? What does it feel like? How did you handle it?

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